Making the Choice Between Working for a Large Company or a Small Company

Making the Choice Between Working for a Large Company or a Small Company

Often when looking for a job, there are opportunities to work for both small and large companies, both have their good points and bad points. Although there are no hard and fast rules that can be applied when the choice needs to be made, these guidelines may help. Small Company Administrative Rescue Process Especially if you have for example always worked for a small company and are looking to move to a large one or vice versa.

Small companies – the good!

  • Wide variety of work
  • Often better than average pay increases, especially if the company is doing well
  • Promotion may be swift, achievements will be noticed and appreciated
  • Less form filling, policies and procedures
  • Flatter management structure, more involvement from all levels in business decisions

Small companies – the bad!

  • You run the risk of becoming a “Jack of all trades” or becoming only valuable to this employer
  • If the company is suffering, your pay packet may suffer as well
  • Any personal issues can become impossible to deal with in a small environment
  • Lack of procedures and formalised chains of escalation or management can be a challenge to some people
  • There may be a lack of career path, you may be stifled from moving forwards by other long term employees

Large companies – the good!

  • You may have the opportunity to specialise your skills
  • Regular performance reviews, HR department ensures this
  • Opportunity to buy into company (share offerings), subsidised cafes, childcare, gym etc
  • Formalised and entrenched policies and procedures (this can be good or bad!)
  • Normally clear channels of management and escalation points

Large companies – the bad!

  • At the end of the day no matter what they say you are a number. The way to prove this when you fill out a leave form, if you need to place your employee number on it, then you are a number.. sorry!
  • More risk of redundancy, when the shareholders demand profits, jobs can be culled
  • There can be a lot of gossip and backstabbing going on that is at a level not seen in smaller environments
  • To many forms and procedures to follow, having a day off may not be worth the administrative effort
  • It may be hard to be noticed by the real decision makers of the company, and be destined to a future of working for someone that takes all the credit for your efforts


Please remember these are not hard and fast rules, and are only things I have picked up over many years working for both small and large companies, in more than one industry. I myself prefer to work for a large company, although have had good experiences with both on the whole.

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