Fire Marshal Training – Vital For Your Business

Fire Marshal Training – Vital For Your Business

The Regulatory Reform Act 2005 has changed the way that business owners must manage their fire safety processes. If you, as a business owner, have not undertaken a fire marshal training course, you may be contravening the law.

That regulatory reform act of 2005 applies to any business that employs 5 or more staff (whether full or part-time) and also public premises. The legislation outlined in the Regulatory Reform Brandschutzschulung München  Act requires that the nominated ‘responsible person’ in these types of buildings must undertake a professional fire safety or fire marshal training course. By undergoing the proper training, you limit the risk of accidental fire, understand the correct way to manage the situation should it occur and are better prepared to protect staff and any visitors who may be present in the property. In the workplace, the responsible person is usually the owner or manager – although other key staff may also be required to undertake the training. Compliance of these regulations is also now a mandatory requirement in order to secure insurance for your premises.

Fire extinguisher training may seem unnecessary, after all, they’re pretty simple to use, aren’t they? Perhaps so, but with many different types of extinguishers available, all designed for different purposes, fire extinguisher training is absolutely vital. If a fire breaks out, you need to know that you’re able to tackle it correctly and this means using the right type of extinguisher for the specific cause of the fire. Without proper fire extinguisher training, you could end up using the wrong type, which could actually make matters worse. Not only that, but while you’re trying to work out which one to use and how to use it, you’re wasting valuable time – time that could put people in further jeopardy.

It may be a legal requirement to have a properly trained person in your building to tackle fire safety, but it’s also common sense. By calling in a qualified instructor to deliver fire marshal training courses to relevant staff members, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that in the worst case scenario, there is somebody there who knows the appropriate way to tackle the problem.

Fire marshal training covers important topics such as evacuation, assembly and also liaison with the fire brigade. By ensuring you have an appropriately trained person and also a current fire risk assessment, you will not only be complying with the law, but you will be offering the very best protection to your staff and visitors to your building.

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