The Best Pool Supplies for the Environment

The Best Pool Supplies for the Environment

The green trend isn’t going anywhere soon, and manufacturers are starting to notice. The new lines of products are more energy efficient than ever. When looking for environmentally friendly pool supplies, you should look for products that feature high energy efficiency, low pollution or water conservation.

Consider a solar-paneled water heater. Systems pool cleaners coloma mi like the SunGrabber include four solar panels that are mounted on your roof. Water is circulated to the solar panels, is warmed using the sun’s energy, and returned to your pool, electricity and gas free! The SunGrabber can increase your temperature by at least ten degrees. For larger pools, additional solar panels can be purchased. This system could be used in addition to a solar blanket for maximum effectiveness. For above ground heaters, the Solar Bear system is installed right next to the pool on the ground.

If you live in an area with low sun exposure or just still still want a powered heater, there are several pool heaters that are energy efficient and produce less pollution. The Max-E Therm pool heater heats the pool more quickly so that less energy is needed.

When looking for a pool pump, choose a pump with low wattage. This will mean less electricity. Finding a pump with low wattage but enough power for your pool can be tricky, but models like the Hayward Northstar Pump pack a punch despite its energy efficiency. Its design even features a motor that runs 20% cooler.

Filters also come in green options. Finding a filter that utilizes full flow technology means more efficient filtration, so it will need to be run less often. A good model is the Hayward Above Ground filter

With all the great models on the market is easy to find the right energy-efficient .The Aquabot Pool Rover has its own compact power supply with low voltage with a water-conserving feature: its self contained vacuum and water filter helps your pool’s filter system work more efficiently, saving 10,000 gallons of water every year. It also is a great energy saver! Having this type of built in system, along with being jet propelled rather than needing a filtration hookup can save energy from 20% to 40%.

Choosing green products is not only good for your planet, but your wallet! Whether your supplies are due for a replacement or you want a green upgrade, finding environmentally friendly products is easy and responsible.

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