Some Things to Consider When Purchasing and Caring For Diamond Rings

Some Things to Consider When Purchasing and Caring For Diamond Rings

A diamond of high quality also must have a high level of “Clarity” . Very few diamonds are totally flawless and the ones that are can be very expensive. Another characteristic of a quality diamond is the “Color”. A stones color is represented on a scale from pure white to milky. Totally colorless diamonds are very rare and thus, these diamonds are quite expensive. The last thing to consider when choosing a diamond is the “Carat” weight of the stone. Carat referrer’s to the actual weight of the stone. This criteria in conjunction with the other qualities mentioned previously help to properly define the value of a diamond. When you are out looking at diamond rings not only should you know the type of mounting you want but even more importantly you should have a good understanding of diamonds and what makes them so valuable.

Here are some very basic tips which can help you as you seek out to purchase a good diamond ring. First of all a certificate about the diamonds quality must be provided by the jeweler. A certificate is the proof that the diamond ring that you are purchasing is truly valued respective to the price that you are paying. In other words, you will want have some proof that the quality of the ring is equal to price you are paying. A simple test is to look at the ring in the sunlight or even to view the diamond through a jeweler’s loupe. Most of the jewelry shops provide the customers with tactical jewelers light to more closely view the diamond. They will also (is requested) provide a loupe for you to thoroughly inspect the diamond for the type of flaws that are not visible by the naked eye. Read up on diamonds and the four C’s mentioned previously so that you can speak intelligently to the jewelers that you come in contact with.

Once you have looked at all the diamond rings and finally made your purchase you will want to take good care of it. Cleaning a diamond ring isn’t like cleaning an ordinary stone but instead a diamond requires a lot of care. At least once a year you will want to send your ring to a reputable jeweler to have it service with their high powered super-sensitive cleaning equipment. This is especially important to ensure that the diamond remains fixed in its mounting, and yet still receive all the proper cleaning attention in the hard to reach areas of the ring.

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