Selecting the Right Type of Cot For Your Newborn Baby

If you are expecting a baby there are a lot of details to consider before the arrival of your newborn. Everything from the nursery furniture to the toys, linen and the cot has to be organized before your baby’s birth. Deciding which cot is best for your baby can be a confusing task, since there are so many different products to choose from.

As a starting point, the cot should be purchased bb 床 from a reputable supplier. It should carry the British Standards Institution (BSI) number BS EN 716:1996, which indicates that it complies with the required safety standards. The cot should be strong and sturdy and without cracked or broken slats, jagged points or edges, loose parts, missing knobs, screws or sharp catches, peeling, cracked or splintered wood. If you are looking for a transportable cot, then it should be lightweight, compact, comfortable and easy to set up.

The following may help you to choose a cot that is just right for your baby:

o A carry cot makes an ideal first cot as it can be easily moved from room to room. It can be used for night-time sleeping, for car journeys and holiday travel or as part of a pushchair or pram. Carry cots usually have a fabric-covered hood, which makes them perfect for all weathers. If a separate mattress needs to be purchased, it should be firm enough to support your baby while she sleeps.

o A Moses basket or baby sleeping basket makes a cosy sleeping environment for the first few months. Baskets are made from palm, maize or wicker and have carrying handles, which allows for easy, lightweight transportation in the home or on car journeys. Wicker baskets are the most expensive, but will last longer. Baskets usually come complete with their own foam mattress, bedding and fabric-covered hood. The basket can be put on the floor or placed on a stand at a convenient height next to your bed. A sleeping basket can also aid the transition from crib to cot.

o A co-sleeper is a lightweight, transportable cot with a drop-down side that can be used from birth to three years of age. It is designed to fit securely on the side of any adult bed. If your baby is restless, you can simply reach over and comfort her without having to get out of bed. The co-sleeper is also a great cot for twins as they can lie beside each other and close to you. With its compact fold, the co-sleeper can be converted to a free standing cot, a changing table, a play pen or travel cot.

o Cots come in many shapes and sizes and can be used from birth to six or seven years of age. Some are designed to fit in the corner of the room, while others can be converted into a junior bed when babies outgrow them. Most cots have drop sides, which can be lowered when your baby needs to be picked up or a base that can be adjusted as your baby grows. Most cots are not transportable, although some may have fitted casters. Some wooden cots have a protective, plastic coated rail around the edges, which prevents your baby chewing on the slats when she is teething.

Baby cots are available in a variety of designs, colours and sizes. Key points to consider may include your baby’s size, growth and the length of time that the cot is going to be used. Measurements displayed on the cot label should help you to select one that fits your baby’s needs. The size and layout of the room is another factor that you may wish to consider. Some cots are designed to match the nursery furniture, so you may want to choose one from a coordinating range. Allow for delivery times as your chosen cot may be out of stock when you need it. Most cots will be delivered flat packed and will need two people to assemble them.


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