Physical Planning For Real Estate Development

Physical Planning For Real Estate Development

Physical planning and urban and regional planning is the same and represents planning in both time and space. Urban and regional planning for Jamaica real estate may have single or multiple objectives although most have multiple objectives. Some of these complex objectives may not be clearly stated however.身體檢查

What does Physical Planning Do?

It examines available physical resources and determines how Jamaica land is to be used and developed for the well being of the society involved. It is a product of the human system evolved to satisfy man’s need for shelter, food and clothing.

These expanded over time to include factors such as transportation, leisure, shops, etc. which all occupy space. The problem therefore arose as to where these facilities should be located. To determine this satisfactorily an inter-relationship had to be established. It is at this stage that physical planning became necessary as a tool for making locational decisions. It ensures that things are built in the right places and that new uses for building and land are in the right location. It helps to plan for the Jamaica real estate development the country needs; the new homes, factories, offices, roads, schools. Most people therefore come into contact with the system at some point in their lives.

The presence of the human element in the physical planning process makes it difficult for the planner as he has to consider non quantifiable factors such as psychological and sociological repercussions of locational decisions. Objectivity therefore becomes difficult. Economic activities also have to be taken into consideration requiring the physical planner to combine all these factors.

Why is Physical Planning For Jamaica Property Necessary?

The country is dependent on agriculture, hence land is our most important and valuable resource. It therefore has to be used carefully and its use cannot be restricted to the present generation but to future generation as well. Physical planning therefore ensures that development and growth are sustainable and that planning decisions will not damage the environment for future generations. Government being aware of this has set up various institutions to administer the use of land. This is essential as if there were no controls and individuals were left to do as they like then there would be conflicts, for example, developments taking place in the wrong location.

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