History of Hearing Aid

If you have someone and it’s possible for you to be there with them, schedule some time where both of you can search on-line together. At the least have someone look for you. Make sure they know what your objectives are. They can search and then print out information on products that will be of interest to 助聽器.

If you only have one objective to meet and style is not an issue go to Google and search for assistive listening devices. On the right hand side of the page there will eight to ten sponsored text ads. All of these are ‘links’ which means that when you click one with your mouse it will take you to the advertised site. This is where you start your search; each page of Google will have these ads. These companies are spending dollars to advertise their products indicating that they are viable functioning companies. The top ad on the first page is spending the most money and each one below that is spending a little less. From these companies you will find many different devices for many objectives; hearing the TV, the telephone, the door bell etc. You may be able to meet your objective with a very affordable and effective solution.

If you have decided that you want an over the counter hearing aid or a dispensed hearing aid, the first decision you need to make is style. Eliminate any of the styles that you absolutely will not wear keeping in mind, however, that performance, features and price options will become more of a factor the more you restrict yourself. Rank the styles in order from most interested to least interested. Say you like the ITC style the most. Find an ITC over the counter hearing aid on the internet that you can buy direct, in other words you can place your order on the internet or call a toll free number to order, and it is simply shipped to you. You do not have to go to an office, be tested or fitted. Use the search method we described for assistive listening devices to find the sponsored ads. Make sure that the company has a clear return policy, use only a credit card (your credit card company will protect you). Remember your objectives and select the right or left ear accordingly. I recommend that you do not buy both ears unless you’re an experienced hearing aid user. The purpose is to try an ITC device and get a feel for its amplification. Only buy from a company that will return the full product cost.

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