Common US Visa and Immigration Myths

Visa Processing visa agency hk: All Russian departments charge a specific visa handling expense. It fluctuates relying upon the kind of your visa and the speed of preparing. All in all, the more drawn out visa and the quicker you need it, the more you pay. Russian office in every nation has various charges. For instance, the visa handling charges in the U.S. range from the least $100 to as much as $450.

6. Self-Addressed/Prepaid Envelope: If you apply for a Russian visa through mail, you need to incorporate prepaid envelope. We suggest utilizing an enrolled or affirmation conveyance since the bundle has your identification and visa. On the off chance that you choose to apply face to face, you’ll gather visa yourself, no requirement for bring envelope back. In certain nations you can apply face to face as it were.

7. Extra Documents: For particular kinds of Russian visas for residents of certain nations Russian offices will request extra records:

* Mandatory Medical/Travel Insurance is needed for the residents of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

* Human Immune Deficit (HIV) AIDS Certificate is needed for Multiple section and more than 90 days visas. You can discover neighborhood HIV testing focus in U.S. here.

* Proof of Permanent Residency (copy of Green/Residency Card, if applying from the U.S.) are needed for the residents of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, N. Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam. Something else, the residents of these nations ought to apply for Russian visa at their nations of origin.

* Proof of adequate assets for your visit in Russia.

* Any Other Document that is considered significant by Russian office.

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